Friday, 9 November 2012

The bit about me...

I have four beautiful young children of mixed race. My husband’s family are from Pakistan and although he was born and bred in the UK he spent four years of his life living there. As a result of this we have many pictures at home of Pakistan and of many other places we have all visited throughout our lives before and after having children. My children find the pictures fascinating and always ask me questions about the different Countries and what the children are like there. As a family we are always keen to learn about different cultures. One day as I was showing the pictures to my children and explaining about the difference in the cultures I realized that maybe other children would love to read and learn about this too. This is what inspired me to create Aisha the Indian Princess. As we live in a multicultural world it is good to know about different cultures so why not make it fun and educational at the same time. Our children are our future and if we can help to make the world a friendlier and more peaceful place by encouraging them to embrace differences at an early age this can only help. I have had great fun writing these books and with a lot of help from my children we have learnt, laughed and enjoyed it all the way. They really like the characters and the simple format of learning. The books are great fun to read and you can really enjoy the search and interaction with your children as the story develops.
Following the idea of Aisha, I also realized that the beautiful clothes that are worn by Pakistani woman and children could be adapted slightly and introduced to people that would not usually wear them or even get the chance to try them out. The clothes are all designed by me and my mum hand makes every one of them. They are traditionally called salwar kameez and they consist of two parts the kameez, which is the top and the salwar which are the bottoms. We have kept the format the same and given it a funky twist with detachable toys and quirky designs. The range has also expanded into boy’s outfits and babies wear.

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