Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Children are not born racist

Chocolate Face.

I have had to think about something that is close to my heart and that affects me and my family a lot... it is also the key subject that has inspired my books Aisha the Indian Princess.....

the saying that "children are not born racist" has never been truer... 

Whilst friends were round the other day, there was an altercation and my boy came to me crying announcing to everyone that his friend had called him a 'chocolate face'? 

Now,before you address this you have to ask yourself a question, was this because his parents... not him, are racist (in the loosest sense) maybe using color to discriminate by default and not because they are actually racist. "Being Racist" is a strong definition to use to describe somebody and to be racist is not always to be detrimental to others well-being. You have to also consider that the child in question is 5 maybe 6 and unless he is educated he will always by matter of fact discriminate against his piers by using basic differences such as color so this does not mean he is racist (apart from the fact he would have no clue as to what he is saying) because to discriminate at 5 years old is impossible? right? I go back to the beginning, his use of the word chocolate is only discriminate if he is using it to offend, but he was? Is that because his parents do? You can see the issue.... 

I think you can only explain to children that is is not nice to call someone a chocolate face as it is using his color to make him feel sad and different. It is important that we do show our children that all of us are the same even if we look different from each other..... thoughts.